Introducing the First and Perfect Joint between Tequila and Cannabis: Lucky Stash®

A product by Frision Inc

November 8, 2021. Austin, Texas.- Its origin? Proudly Austinite. Its mission? To keep it weird. This is Lucky Stash®, the first and perfect joint between tequila and cannabis, a liqueur from the creators of one of the most successful tequila brands in Mexico. Specially crafted for bold people who take pride in everything they do.

Lucky Stash® is a hemp-infused herbal liqueur made with premium tequila, created with high-quality agave that takes over seven years to grow. Lucky Stash’s botanical experts handpick the best herbs and macerate them until they reach the perfect consistency. Finally they add that “lucky” touch: hemp and natural terpenes.

Everything about Lucky Stash®

Every little (s)pot of it offers a unique experience for everyone. Starting from the bottle, one of the most attractive elements of Lucky Stash: It has different aspects that, combined with the rich liqueur inside of it, create a unique product that stands out in the spirits market.

The skull at the top of the bottle represents Lucky Stash’s values: all people are the same just by being humans. The feathered clip is a glimpse for those who know how to use it wisely. And, the star at the bottle’s front showcases that Lucky Stash is a product born and raised proudly in Austin, Texas.

The Trip

Next, when the skull is removed, the trip begins. A bright and emerald color, clean and crystalline, is revealed to the eyes, along with yellow reflections, medium density, and a silky texture. Lucky Stash® also offers an intense herbal profile in the nose. Highlighting notes of herbal fennel, citrus apple, caramel, and, of course, a delicate OG-Kush strain aroma thanks to our natural terpenes. Complex but not overwhelming, perfect to awaken that “appetite” feeling.

And finally, the moment of truth arrives: the tasting. Lucky Stash® has a medium alcoholic profile, Granny Smith taste and a balanced bittersweet sensation. At first sight, it has a fresh and subtle OG-Kush Type aftertaste. Then you can feel the cooked agave that balances the flavors. A weird yet amazing combination between two worlds that should have been rolled together a long time ago: cannabis and tequila. Try this perfect joint!

Lucky Stash® can be enjoyed on the rocks or in easy to make cocktails. It is available at Specs Online and liquor stores near you.

For more information about Lucky Stash, please visit or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Drink responsibly.

About Lucky Stash®

Lucky Stash® is perfect joint between tequila and cannabis. Founded in Austin, Texas from the creators of one of the most successful tequila brands in Mexico; Lucky Stash is crafted for bold people who take pride in everything they do. The process of making this unique spirit can be summarized in three steps. First, we plant some high-quality agave to produce premium tequila. Then, our botanical experts handpick the best of our herbs in order to macerate them until they reach the perfect consistency. Finally, we blend the macerated formula with our premium tequila, and we add our lucky touch: hemp & natural terpenes. This particular herb is the key to our enticing flavor and aroma. Lucky Stash is available at Specs online, total wine, twin liquors, and liquor stores near you.

About Frision Inc.

With over 30 years of experience in the production of spirits, Frision Inc. has created and developed different brands in several categories in Mexico, the most important being tequila. Its flagship product became the #1 brand in sales, in the 100% blue agave tequila category. Since the company’s beginnings, they have strived to develop an innovative portfolio that breaks with the paradigms of the alcoholic beverage industry.

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