This Holidays Discover the New Norm of Tequila and Cannabis

When tequila and cannabis come together to create the best herbal liqueur

Some things work better together: like chocolate and peanut butter, or tequila and cannabis. Lucky Stash’s blend is the result of a macerated formula with the best tequila, and a lucky touch: hemp, which comes from the Cannabis Sativa family. But who thought about this weird and yet interesting mix, and how that results in a weird and bold herbal liqueur? Let’s find out.

The harvest

Like every other invention, this one started with a plan, or, even better, with a recipe. To create Lucky Stash you need three main ingredients: Tequila Blanco, hemp, and a selection of different herbs. Next, there is a three-step process: first, we planted high-quality agave to produce premium tequila; then some botanical experts picked  the best herbs and macerate them until they had a perfect consistency. Finally, it’s time to blend the master formula with the tequila and add the “lucky touch”: hemp. Natural terpenes are the key to reaching the amazing Lucky Stash flavor and aroma, and one of the highest quality by-products that evokes the characteristics of that magnificent and emblematic weed.

What is this all about?

But, are we talking about tequila drink or herbal liquor? Strictly, Lucky Stash is a liqueur: the main difference between a liquor and a liqueur is that, while liquor has a strong flavor to it that is anything but sweet, liqueur, on the other hand, is sweet by nature. This term is used to describe these sweetened spirits that are made with different flavors and extracts, such as this one.

The lucky touch

Let’s talk about Lucky Stash’s original touch. Lots of people know how tequila tastes: it is a strong and yet delicious Mexican spirit. There is no big mystery here. But what about hemp? In botanical terms, hemp and marijuana are part of the same plant species. Nature doesn’t distinguish between the two, but we do. Hemp is cannabis that contains 0.3 percent or less THC content by dry weight. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical in cannabis that makes people feel stoned. Because hemp contains so little THC, it can’t make you feel that way. So, the answer to the big question is: Lucky Stash is a key driver to create memorable experiences through great cocktails, music, friendship, and uniqueness above all, but not necessarily by getting you high. 

The secret plan to this outstanding herbal liqueur

All processes, blends, and ingredients behind Lucky Stash have a main objective: encourage the bold ones to “keep it weird”. Especially during Holiday Season, the perfect moment to try something new. Imagine yourself arriving at a party or family reunion with a bottle of Lucky Stash, a weird skull trophy-like sculpture full of a green potion that could turn festivities more fun and green in an Austinite way.

You can still roll it, but now you can mix it. 

So, you decided to be part of this Lucky Stash herbal liqueur circle? We like to share with you some good tips. The first one is that you can drink this liqueur in many different ways. The easiest one to try  Lucky Stash is simply to add ice to a glass, some tonic water, and a lemon twist. Other Lucky Stash’s signature cocktails can be ready in just a matter of seconds: add some sparkling wine, ice, Lucky Stash, and then relax and enjoy the ride during these festivities.

Lucky Stash® can be enjoyed on the rocks or in easy to make cocktails and it is available at Specs , Total Wine, Twin Liquors, and liquor stores near you.

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