A guide to “enjoint” a perfect 4/20

The time has come for you to get around with your friends and praise a secret code. An ancient formula, a mythical language that, as years go by, is giving the right message to the right people. You can see it in a watch, in a bus stop, in a sign while coming back home, in the back of your favorite cereal box, in your computer, in the newspaper, in every place where numbers are telling you that every moment is the perfect moment to “enjoint” life.

But in a calendar, there is also a specific date. A date that has made these secret messages crystal clear for all of us: 4/20. So, in order to make the best of this special day, Lucky Stash has some advice for you. You can call it “steps”, to have a nice trip:

The beginning of 4/20

Every community has its own history, its own narrative, a moment when it all began. 4/20 people is no exception. The official date? 1971. The place? San Rafael, Northern California. The main characters? A group of friends that called themselves “Waldos”, who started a journey together to the first 420 Holy Gray, exactly at 4:20, during a special day. They never found it, of course, but their legends remain, and also the search for it.

Be cautious

We are not giving a lecture or something like that, but a 4/20 warrior knows its own limits. First of all, select the variant -or sword ;)- that fits your strength. Some people like a more peaceful journey, and others a more epic one. Remember: there is a path meant to be yours.

High and dry

You will need lots of water during this day because you will talk, you will laugh and, of course, you’ll trip. Always have a bottle close to you, and watch out for a friend that may seem to have a dry 4/20 experience. You will also need food for the journey’s finale, but, as important as it is, maybe it should have its own time.

A selected 4/20 menu

We all were there, in front of our fridges, without knowing what to do, what to take, what to taste. Sometimes these moments end up as some choices that, in a different date or mind state, might be a little bit nasty. So, the best way to create a 4/20 menu is mixing up two main concepts: simplicity and deliciousness. Basic snacks can be a good start, but you might need a main course: think about  it before 4/20 -maybe the day before, because it might not last for too many days or hours even ;)- , and please, save it for the last moments of the day. It is also important that whatever is on your menu, its not cooked or heated, because playing with fire is not the best idea during 4/20.

Traditions are the best time to try new things

4/20 is the best moment to try new things… and find a Lucky Stash. No, we are not talking about the bottom of your drawer, but it is something similar. At Lucky Stash we always have the 4/20 people in our minds, the ones that are bold and creative and try new adventures. And also, those who always share the best moments with their friends. During this 4/20, we’d like to be part of every circle, of every toast. We’d like to be THE 4/20 TEQUILA, from Austin to the world. Knowing that this community is the best example that taking a trip once in a while is a nice way to enjoy life. 

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