From Austin With Love: An Open and Urgent Letter to Anyone Who Loves Tequila and Cannabis

Greetings from Austin, TX. A few months ago, we started a new trip, an adventure called Lucky Stash®. Here, in this town, we like to do things boldly, and we’re always looking for new experiences and products. But we also like to keep it weird. This is our recipe for success -or at least for having fun while doing something. That’s how Lucky Stash was born: an idea hidden at the bottom of a drawer gathered with the crumps in our favorite box -that we didn’t remember that we had, to fulfill these plans and roll it down. 

So, why tequila and cannabis…

We like tequila: that strong and yet delicious Mexican spirit, full of body and flavor, but also we like fun stories, and memories. We also like hemp, a subproduct that comes from the Cannabis Sativa L, with amazing organoleptic attributes and natural characteristics. So why can’t we enjoy both together; yes tequila and cannabis? We know: tequila mixed drinks aren’t such a novelty. Practically, maybe there is one tequila for every flavor known at the moment. But Lucky Stash is different because it is the first herbal liqueur made with hemp and premium tequila in all the world. 

So, we like to share our finding with you and lots of other people. Come, have a seat, and let me tell you a story about a hemp beverage that will change the way you think about tequila and cannabis. 

It all begins with green

Green is the color of progress, the one that tells us to keep going, to look forward. It is also a code for cannabis lovers: when you see a green thing, you might be seeing something related to weed. Well, maybe not all the green things you saw during your day are, but at least one or two might be related, like our bottle. 

Imagine going to your favorite liquor store, the place where you buy your favorite tequila or beverage. Then, you see a skull at the top of a crystal bottle and a forbidden strike hits you; you feel something is prohibited and therefore a sense of curiosity appears. Suddenly, you will take a closer look, and read the name besides that classic weed image: “Lucky Stash”. It will be love at first sight, trust me. 

You might be in Austin at the time. The city will be the perfect stage for this first encounter. You will take without hesitation the bottle of Lucky Stash because this action is going to feel natural: a green bottle with a skull at the top, guarding hemp-infused premium tequila. Everything in its right place. 

And then, its all on enjoying the ride…

The trip will be different for each person (considering the miles from the mall, liquor store, or wherever you bought your Lucky Stash, and the place you will try it for the first time). So, when it’s the right time and place for you -with your friends, family, or your own-, remove the skull and use your nose first. The aroma will be intense, a profile highlighting notes of herbal fennel, citrus apple, and caramel. Hey, don’t worry, THAT AROMA is also part of the experience: a delicate Kush, complex but not overwhelming, that awakens your appetite.

Now is time for the first touch: with a medium alcoholic profile, Granny Smith taste, balanced bittersweet sensation. At first sight, it has a fresh and subtle OG-Kush Type aftertaste, and cooked agave balances the flavors: the first and perfect joint between tequila and cannabis. 

In the end, you will be part of a new club, full of proudly weirdos and bold people, who love to be themselves, enjoy new experiences, color green, and from now on, Lucky Stash. 

Are you in?

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