Introducing the New Lucky Stash Tequila High Proof Edition: Elevate Your Experience

Are you ready to take your tequila experience to new heights? Lucky Stash has something stronger, something bolder, and something that truly packs a punch. Introducing the Lucky Stash Tequila High Proof Edition – because sometimes, you need a little extra kick. With the Lucky Stash High and Low Proof Editions, you now have the […]

Raise a Glass to Freedom! Celebrate With Cannabis and Tequila

Enjoy this 4th of July with tequila and cannabis

Get ready to ignite your taste buds and celebrate Independence Day in style with the perfect Lucky Stash cocktail! In this blog post, we’ll unveil the recipe for the Lucky Mule, a refreshing and delightful concoction that combines the unique flavors of Lucky Stash® with zesty lime, invigorating ginger, and a touch of basil. Get […]

Embracing Inclusion: In The Inside We Are All The Same

Here at Lucky Stash we have a saying: In the Inside We Are All The Same. Because we really believe that. We might look different in the outside, we might have different cultures, beliefs, stories; but it dont matter where we all come from, in the inside we look and are the same. And that, […]

This Holidays Discover the New Norm of Tequila and Cannabis

When tequila and cannabis come together to create the best herbal liqueur Some things work better together: like chocolate and peanut butter, or tequila and cannabis. Lucky Stash’s blend is the result of a macerated formula with the best tequila, and a lucky touch: hemp, which comes from the Cannabis Sativa family. But who thought […]

Lucky Stash Hemp Infused Tequila “Low Proof” - OG Kush Type


Lucky Stash Hemp Infused Tequila “High Proof” - OG Kush Type


Lucky Stash Hemp Infused Tequila LTO Wooden Box "Low Proof"