420 Cannabis Games: Enjoy Cannabis with Friends! 

Looking for a fun way to enjoy cannabis with friends? Try playing some smoking games! But, remember to play responsibly and prioritize safety. Here are some popular smoking games and tips on how to play them. “The Games” Smoke Sesh Dice Game: It involves rolling a pair of dice and taking a hit based on […]

Cooking with Cannabis: Tips and Tricks for Making Delicious Edibles

Cooking with cannabis is a popular way to enjoy this versatile herb. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a curious beginner, this guide will help you get started with making delicious cannabis-infused edibles. Understanding the Basics of Cooking with Cannabis Cannabis contains cannabinoids, which have a range of effects on the body. THC is the […]

A guide to “enjoint” a perfect 4/20

The time has come for you to get around with your friends and praise a secret code. An ancient formula, a mythical language that, as years go by, is giving the right message to the right people. You can see it in a watch, in a bus stop, in a sign while coming back home, […]